Rates, Payment Options, and Insurance

All rates are on a sliding-scale.
PLEASE NOTE: I am not taking new clients until November, 2022. Please feel free to book a free consult with me in the meantime to see if you would like to be on my waitlist. 



Individual Counselling | 50 Minutes | $50-180

Relationship Counselling | 80 Minutes | $80-260

EMDR Therapy | 80 Minutes | $80-260

Group Sessions | 2 Hours | $50-80 


How it Works:

If you have no insurance or have used up your benefits, take your yearly net household income (eg: $45k/year) and double it (eg: 45 x 2 = 90) = $90/per 50 minute session. 

The standard counselling rate as per the BCACC is $150 per session: if your net household income is over $75k a year, you may choose to subsidize the accessibility of therapy for someone else by paying the Generous Rate (>$150 per session). Thank you!


Payment Methods: 

Credit Card | E-Transfer | PayPal

All initial consultations (20 minutes) are free.
This is a great time to ask questions about my approach,
get to know me, and see if I might be a good fit for you. 

Insurance Options are coming soon (June 2022).
I plan to be FNHA and CVAP affiliated as soon as possible. 


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