ADHD Groups
& Coaching

Healing happens together

Have you ever seen group therapy on TV and thought, "I could NEVER do that!"? 
Groups can be intimidating - I get it!


ADHD groups can be cost-effective ways to seek support, connect with others, and learn more skills than you might in individual counselling: 


  • Psychoeducation - understand why our brains work the way they do

  • Tools - exercises, worksheets, and skills for how we might make the most out of our ADHD brains 

  • Support - be surrounded by other friendly folks who "get it" 

  • Accountability - work on your goals with the group cheering you on

  • Reflection exercises - time to tailor and apply what you've learned and put it into place 

  • Group wisdom - everyone brings their lifetime of experience to share

  • Affirmation - heal from ADHD shame and learn your strengths  

10 Weeks Starting Tuesday, Sept 6


Max. 10 Participants/Group 

$500 for first timers
$250 for returning members
(you are welcome to return indefinitely)

Add 3x weekly coaching sessions: $100/week
(normally $150)