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ADHD Groups
& Coaching

Healing happens together

ADHD groups can be a cost-effective way to get support, connect with others, and learn more skills than you might in individual counselling.

ADHD Reset is designed to be light, informative, and engaging. Over ten weeks, you'll get:


  • Psychoeducation - understand why ADHD brains work the way they do

  • Tools - exercises, worksheets, and skills for how we might make the most out of our ADHD brains 

  • Support - be surrounded by other friendly folks who "get it" 

  • Accountability - work on your goals with the group cheering you on

  • Reflection exercises - time to tailor and apply what you've learned and put it into place 

  • Group wisdom - everyone brings their lifetime of experience to share

  • Affirmation - heal from ADHD shame and learn to play to your strengths  

10 Weeks
Starting Tuesday, Jan 17th - March 21


Max. 10 Participants/Group 

$600 for first timers
$350 for returning members
(Once you've taken the course once,
you are welcome to return indefinitely for a discount

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